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Discover our PR services!

Grow your business and brand equity in the news!

Business Builder PR  Coaching   

Writing and distributing your own press releases can be a big task that has high potential returns. 


We work with companies each month to assist in the crafting, strategy and planning for a successful public relations campaign.  Adding this to your marketing efforts will build your brand equity, reach, opportunities and professionalism. 


We walk you through brainstorming, writing, distributing and following up while you build the skills in house to execute your PR strategy.  

Service Includes:


  • Monthly 1 hour Strategy and Brainstorming session to create newsworthy press release

  • Press Release template and assistance outlining key elements

  • Contribution of strategic components to enhance the quality of the release

  • Assistance in targeting key journalists for development of your own media list and outreach

  • Strategy for sharing message on social media and all digital platforms

Platinum Public Relations

What is your time worth? 


Let us support you with a turn key Public Relations service.


A monthly press release can build your business, amplify your message, attract key strategic partners and investors, gain new clients, encourage referrals and increase your brand equity.  


Let our expertise work for you.

Service Includes:


  • Monthly 1 hour strategy and brainstorming session to create newsworthy press release

  • Researching relevant sources, quotes, statistics, micro trends and macro trends for effective public relations

  • Writing one press release per month

  • Researching key target markets, industries, journalists, distribution service and strategic partners

  • Distribution of press release (*actual service cost with Cision, PR Newswire or Berkshire Hathaway not included and dependant on local, regional or national distribution)

  • In house media list: Target list of local, regional and national journalists with their contact information

  • Outreach and follow up for engagement and potential interviews

  • Visibility reporting on total potential audience, pick ups, click through, and links to publications

  • Social media posts for all relevant platforms

  • Digital formats for use in email campaigns

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