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Beyond Manners: Why Saying Thank You is a Professional Necessity in Business

In the business world, it's easy to get caught up in our own success and forget about the people who helped us achieve it. We may simply think we are too busy to take the time to acknowledge the contributions of others. However, taking action is not only a nice gesture, it's a professional necessity.

Relationships are everything. If someone took the time to help you with an introduction, resolving an issue or especially if they spent their precious time on you, then it only makes sense to give a heartfelt "thanks". Whether the assistance panned out or not, an update or email thanking them for their time and energy goes a long way. It is a simple way to show appreciation and build trust, not to mention assuring they will be open for future requests. When you show gratitude to your business associates, it builds a sense of loyalty and encourages them to continue working with you in the future.

Secondly, saying thank you is a way to show your professionalism. In business, it's important to present yourself as a competent and confident professional. Saying thank you shows that you are aware of the contributions of others and that you appreciate their efforts. This can help you build a reputation as a respectful and professional individual who values teamwork and collaboration.

Thirdly, acknowledging help from a business associate can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. Business is all about making money, and when you show gratitude to your associates, it can lead to more opportunities for collaboration and increased sales. For example, if you have a business associate who helped you close a big deal, saying thank you and showing your appreciation can lead to more referrals and more business in the future.

Finally, it is always good to look for ways to contribute to the person that provided help. This can be as simple as sending a link to a helpful article they can benefit from or sharing their posts on social. Deepening the connection and creating value will lead to strategic, long term partners, collaborators and referral partners.

In conclusion, acknowledging help from a business associate is not only a nice gesture, it's a professional necessity. It's a way to build and maintain relationships, show your professionalism, increase your bottom line, and simply do the right thing. So, the next time someone helps you in business, take a moment to say thank you. It doesn't have to be a big gesture, a simple thank you email or phone call can go a long way. Remember, saying thank you is not only good manners, it's good business.

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