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Knowing When to Make Things Happen and When to Let Them Happen.


Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and all those on a personal growth journey face two key questions each day:


  • Should I hustle more to get greater results? or
  • Should I go with the flow and let serendipity unfold?


Successful entrepreneur and success guide Theo Prodromitis offers a powerful yet intuitive roadmap for tapping into the balanced sweet spot between hustle and flow - one that will change your business and your life.


By sharing her own compelling stories and accessing the wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, Theo coaches those with a growth mindset to level up by looking within.



  • What do I really want?
  • How can I serve?


By challenging readers to dig deep into their own souls and inner wisdom, Theo unlocks the potential of each and every human she touches.

Theo brings decades of visionary business success and leadership together with stories from her life as a dedicated mother of three. She shares immediately actionable tips for doing the most with the precious time you have here on Earth.
The balance between hustle and flow is available to all of us.

Are you ready?
You’re ready.

The Balance Between Hustle & Flow

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