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Are You Ready for the AI Revolution?

When using AI like ChatGPT in your business, it's important to establish clear use policies to ensure that it is used effectively and appropriately. Here are some policies you may want to consider:

  1. Use cases: Clearly define the use cases for your team. Determine what types of questions and inquiries it can handle and set a meeting to introduce V 1.0 of Use of AI in our business.

  2. Branding: Ensure that the AI responses align with your company's branding guidelines. This includes the tone of voice, messaging, and visual elements.

  3. Shine the Light: Schedule a communications workshop to use AI and edit results to reflect your company mission, vision, values and branding. Hire a facilitator to teach your use cases and policies.

  4. Open Discussion: Set up internal chat, slack channel or company Q & A with a moderator to answer emerging questions and issues.

  5. Transparency: Let employees know that you are not looking to replace them with AI and that their skills and talents supersede writing, research or creativity from an artificial intelligence. Don't underestimate the impact of AI on the mindset of employees.

By establishing clear policies, you can ensure that Chat GPT is used effectively, enhances your business and creates value for your customers. It's important to regularly review and update these policies to keep up with changes in technology. As we all learn to integrate AI capabilities into our businesses, it is crucial that the humans continue to talk about it face to face.

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